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Mt Hutt opens for 2014!

Friday, June 13, 2014

The 2014 Mt Hutt winter season has officially started under sunny skies and with a good covering of snow. The cold weather front that hit the region this week has ensured a good start for the season with a good base.

With no wind, the top temperature will be around 4 degrees. Read more here.

Discovery Jet partner with Making Trax

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Discovery Jet are proud to parnter with Making Trax, a kiwi company who's mission is to enable those with disabilities to feel the amazing freedom of the great outdoors in the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand!

We're working with Making Trax to deliver our unique jet boating experience for their customers. Makingtrax is a non-profit company and relies on sponsorship and donations.

About Making Trax

Making Trax takes the time to discover the best and most professional adventure companies willing to spend extra time and effort to provide taliored adventure experiences. They endeavour to acquire adaptive equipment, information and network base. Making activities possible, fun and safe for any ability.

Making Trax came about from an intense thinking time during the 12 month rehabilitation period Jezza Williams, Company Director, faced following his Canyoning Accident in the Swiss Alps 2010. After a life spent in the great outdoors and now being faced with another extreme challenge, Jezza had to conjure up a way to get back out into the industry that he so loves and enjoys. Now a C5 Tetraplegic, Jezza believes if he can take part, then anyone can.

Making Trax director Jezza Williams has extensive knowledge and expertise in adventure tourism and adventuring having more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Gaining both National and International qualifications, Jezza has operated wilderness expeditions in Honduras , multi day rafting trips on the Zambezi, kayaking expeditions in Morocco, venturing through the Darién Gap in Panama, Canyoning in the Swiss Alps. Working for leading Adventure Companies in Australia, Africa, Canada, Switzerland United States, Central America and of course our own beautiful New Zealand. From running helicopter rafting operations to being the head ski patrol Jezza has almost done it all.

Makingtrax is a business with a unique ethic. They are focused on bringing life changing adventures and experiences to theirclients; not on maximising our profits. 

Total Jet Boat Action - Hold on tight!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Take a peek at a Discovery Jet ride. Thanks to our customer for producing this awesome video of their ride.


Discovery Jet Trip Advisor Review 'Awesome Experience”

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Have a great time on Discovery Jet. The tour guide Blair took us out on the Rakakia River and it didn't disappoint. The jet boat ride is well worth doing with some great thrills and stunning scenery. Got some great photos too and the 360 turns were awesome! This is a must do if you're in New Zealand highly recommended to all ages.




This Day 2013! Rakaia River in Flood

Thursday, January 02, 2014

This day 2013, the river was in serious flood. Not a day for the jet boatingt!

Big Day At The Office 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Discovery Jet were on standby to help on the Kayaking leg of the 2013 the Property Brokers Big Day at the Office Race. The race is a five stage Multi-sport, Duathlon & Run event based around the Methven Foothills which was founded by Simon Hampton in 2004. The race has become a must for any Coast2Coaster.

Due to weather conditions however, the race was diverted to the RDR. We're looking forward to supporting Methven Lions on the river in 2014.

Ready - Aim - Fire. Archery & Clay Shooting Combos

Monday, September 16, 2013

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Newzengland Ltd and to be able to deliver some new Discovery Jet combos.

In addition to a foot-to-the-floor adrenalin-pumping ride on Discovery Jet we can now bolt on an Archery and Clay Shooting leg to your experience.

Bullseye! The eye squints, the arm muscle tightens, the bow is drawn back and the arrow flies. Thwack! Off in the distance the target is pierced....Well, at least that’s the theory, but why not give it a go. You'll love it, and who knows maybe you really are the next Robin Hood! 

Looking for the ultimate stress-release? This is safe family fun! Listen for the word “Pull’’ and watch as a clay bird is catapulted through the air. Trace its path with the barrel, keeping your eye focused on the clay all the time before pulling the trigger. Your adrenalin will be racing when you blast that clay into smithereens.

Discover our Jet Boat/Rafting Team Builder Combo

Friday, August 30, 2013

River yakking is an incredibly fun, exciting and achievable team building adventure. It provides the opportunity to not only experience and enjoy our rivers and enhance team effectiveness and morale, but it reminds us of the beauty and what it means to live in New Zealand. Combined with a seat of your pants Jet Boat ride, it makes for the ultimate combo! It’s refreshing, it’s invigorating, it’s inspiring, and it’s good for the soul.

River yaks are easily manoeuvrable white water inflatable kayaks that comfortably seat two adults and are designed to be used on lower grade white water rapids.  The rapids on the rivers we use are all grade 2 and below, which makes even the most anxious of people feel more comfortable. Plenty of challenge still exists for the more adventurous however, with there being many obstacles and optional challenges for them to negotiate.  Qualified guides accompany you the entire way to guide and support you.  Coordination, planning, communication and commitment are some of the team elements required to successfully navigate your way downstream.

Depending on the purpose and outcomes, plenty of opportunity exists to stop, discuss and reflect on the team effectiveness and performance.  Rock jumps, water fights, pirate raids and ambushes occasionally occur on the flatter sections of the river, which often result in a number of folk separated from their river yak, laughing splashing and simply loving the shared team experience......however once the rapids come into view, it’s all hands back on deck.

A race up the mighty Rakaia

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If you've ever attended a Formula One grand prix, you will understand the thrill and intensity of the futuristic cars as they defy logic at unbelievable speeds. Jet boating is a little like that.

Except, you're on the water, someone else is driving and you get to enjoy the view.

Discovery Jet boat tours on the Rakaia Gorge, about 45 minutes' drive west of Christchurch, is a thrill-seekers wonderland.

The boats hurtle past sheer cliff faces, skim across shingle beds and round one jaw-dropping corner after another.

Recently purchased by Cantabrian lad Blair Grice, who worked for the company for three years before becoming its boss, Discovery Jet boasts similar thrills to Queenstown's famous Shotover Jet, but has the added attraction of the snowy Southern Alps framing the horizon and a range of "safari" options tailored to suit different tastes.

These include adrenalin-fuelled rides, a heli-jet combo, fishing remote stretches of the Rakaia or even alighting partway and walking back along the ridge of the river.

Grice is a personable chap, happy in his work and keen to point out the river's special features. These include towering coal and limestone cliffs carved out over millions of years. Grice also loves sending his boat into 360-degree spins, though he's kind enough to give a few seconds' notice each time and doesn't delight in soaking his passengers.

The trip starts a stone's throw from the Rakaia Gorge bridge, which carries State Highway 77 from Darfield to Methven, gateway to Mt Hutt.

The bridge was built in 1882 and is a striking platform from which to view the gorge swollen in flood.

On those occasions jet boating is not an option, with angry grey waters scaling the cliffs by several metres. Pick a sunny, clear day, however, and the river is paradise.

The grey and brown of the cliffs frequently give way to lush green pastures and bush, blue sky, snow-capped mountains and mesmerising blue waters apparently swarming with salmon and trout. It's hard to know where to look as the boat zips past the river's many nooks and crannies, but Grice knows the best vantage points and slows down or stops accordingly.

Tourism operators prioritise safety and Grice is no exception. Everyone wears a lifejacket and although the boat doesn't have seatbelts it never feels perilous, even during the spins.

The only downside to the experience is finishing.

As the boat pulls up to Grice's jetty it's tempting to ask him to take us out on the river again. In fact, why don't we?

Barney McDonald travelled as a guest of Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism.

By Barney McDonald


Drive your Jet Boat?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In 2014, we're working with the Methven Summer School to deliver a 1 day course which will cover subjects like river navigation to driving in different water. Discover Jet will share with you the skills needed to make the most of our amazing rivers.