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Discovery Jet - 5 Stat review

Blair Grice - Monday, June 10, 2013

Wow! On a backpacking tour through New Zealand, I figured I'd give the famous Kiwi jetboating a spin - the weather was perfect the day I ended up in Methven, so I found myself at the Rakaia Gorge. The owner, Blair, had a full crew with him today, and was busy chatting to everyone when I showed up. After a bit of a tour along the gorge (pretty scenic, with steep canyon walls and the mountains in the distance), he asked us if we were ready to do a spin - pretty sweet rush, not too dizzying (younger kids should be fine) but good fun. We stopped a few times, to point out something in the geography and to allow for some pictures.

As I'd never been in a jetboat before, the feeling of skimming the water was really cool - if you get the chance and the weather's right, I'd recommend doing this over another boat tour, just because it's a fast, unique way to travel, and it's still a bit of a secret - at least for now!

Ryan, Canada