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Discovery Jet partner with Making Trax

Blair Grice - Thursday, January 09, 2014

Discovery Jet are proud to parnter with Making Trax, a kiwi company who's mission is to enable those with disabilities to feel the amazing freedom of the great outdoors in the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand!

We're working with Making Trax to deliver our unique jet boating experience for their customers. Makingtrax is a non-profit company and relies on sponsorship and donations.

About Making Trax

Making Trax takes the time to discover the best and most professional adventure companies willing to spend extra time and effort to provide taliored adventure experiences. They endeavour to acquire adaptive equipment, information and network base. Making activities possible, fun and safe for any ability.

Making Trax came about from an intense thinking time during the 12 month rehabilitation period Jezza Williams, Company Director, faced following his Canyoning Accident in the Swiss Alps 2010. After a life spent in the great outdoors and now being faced with another extreme challenge, Jezza had to conjure up a way to get back out into the industry that he so loves and enjoys. Now a C5 Tetraplegic, Jezza believes if he can take part, then anyone can.

Making Trax director Jezza Williams has extensive knowledge and expertise in adventure tourism and adventuring having more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Gaining both National and International qualifications, Jezza has operated wilderness expeditions in Honduras , multi day rafting trips on the Zambezi, kayaking expeditions in Morocco, venturing through the Darién Gap in Panama, Canyoning in the Swiss Alps. Working for leading Adventure Companies in Australia, Africa, Canada, Switzerland United States, Central America and of course our own beautiful New Zealand. From running helicopter rafting operations to being the head ski patrol Jezza has almost done it all.

Makingtrax is a business with a unique ethic. They are focused on bringing life changing adventures and experiences to theirclients; not on maximising our profits.