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Ready - Aim - Fire. Archery & Clay Shooting Combos

Colm McGrath - Monday, September 16, 2013

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Newzengland Ltd and to be able to deliver some new Discovery Jet combos.

In addition to a foot-to-the-floor adrenalin-pumping ride on Discovery Jet we can now bolt on an Archery and Clay Shooting leg to your experience.

Bullseye! The eye squints, the arm muscle tightens, the bow is drawn back and the arrow flies. Thwack! Off in the distance the target is pierced....Well, at least that’s the theory, but why not give it a go. You'll love it, and who knows maybe you really are the next Robin Hood! 

Looking for the ultimate stress-release? This is safe family fun! Listen for the word “Pull’’ and watch as a clay bird is catapulted through the air. Trace its path with the barrel, keeping your eye focused on the clay all the time before pulling the trigger. Your adrenalin will be racing when you blast that clay into smithereens.