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Discover our Jet Boat/Rafting Team Builder Combo

Friday, August 30, 2013

River yakking is an incredibly fun, exciting and achievable team building adventure. It provides the opportunity to not only experience and enjoy our rivers and enhance team effectiveness and morale, but it reminds us of the beauty and what it means to live in New Zealand. Combined with a seat of your pants Jet Boat ride, it makes for the ultimate combo! It’s refreshing, it’s invigorating, it’s inspiring, and it’s good for the soul.

River yaks are easily manoeuvrable white water inflatable kayaks that comfortably seat two adults and are designed to be used on lower grade white water rapids.  The rapids on the rivers we use are all grade 2 and below, which makes even the most anxious of people feel more comfortable. Plenty of challenge still exists for the more adventurous however, with there being many obstacles and optional challenges for them to negotiate.  Qualified guides accompany you the entire way to guide and support you.  Coordination, planning, communication and commitment are some of the team elements required to successfully navigate your way downstream.

Depending on the purpose and outcomes, plenty of opportunity exists to stop, discuss and reflect on the team effectiveness and performance.  Rock jumps, water fights, pirate raids and ambushes occasionally occur on the flatter sections of the river, which often result in a number of folk separated from their river yak, laughing splashing and simply loving the shared team experience......however once the rapids come into view, it’s all hands back on deck.